Information for sponsors and potential sponsors

The annual sponsorship fee is $25,000, payable at the beginning of each project (= calendar) year. In addition firms joining the project after the second project year (1993) pay a one-time initiation fee of $12,500.

TRIP holds a comprehensive project review meeting annually, to which sponsor firms are invited to send representatives. This meeting is a very important channel, both for communicating the work of the project to its supporters and for garnering their technical and strategic feedback. The annual report volume, containing copies of all written work completed since the previous annual review, is distributed at the meeting. Since 2004 this volume is entirely electronic.

Sponsors receive prepublication copies of all technical reports generated within the project as they are completed, for an exclusive two month comment period.

All TRIP software is available to sponsors, free of royalty, under Rice's modified BSD open source software license. This license permits any internal and/or commercial use. TRIP software packages are intended as a primary means of technology transfer: each package supplies code, documentation (including related reports), test data, and test scripts or makefiles. We make every effort to ensure that our software is portable, within the limitations imposed by "Unix chaos". While software may eventually be published in some for, it is reserved for sponsors for a one year inspection period.

Sponsors are also invited to propose special projects, which may (but do not necessarily) involve proprietary data and/or code. Past projects have included multioffset inversion of marine streamer data in the plane wave domain, neural net lithology discrimination from multiparameter inversion, and cable depth profile generation using interior point optimization.

For the "fine print", please read the TRIP contract. Better yet, sign it, and return it with your check!