IWAVE Grid I/O package


Authors: William W. Symes and Xin Wang

Implements regular grid data structure and related i/o, based on RSF file format (http://www.reproducibility.org/wiki/Guide_to_RSF_file_format)


  1. The implementation is independent of the Madagascar code package - it uses only the RSF file format as described in the document referenced above.

  2. IWAVE::grid does not implement these two features of Madagascar's package:

  3. IWAVE::grid provides two keyword choices in addition to those defined by Madagascar:

  4. Parallel implementation: all i/o takes place on rank 0. Implementation assumes that a chunk consisting of a number N_SLOWEST_AXIS_SLICE of (dim-1) slices may be safely stored in an in-core buffer. Reads: data read into buffer from file on rank 0, then broadcast to all other ranks. Each rank computes that part of the data needed locally, then stores it. Writes: roughly the reverse of read, but implemented with point-to-point communication, hence slower.

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