TRIP Software

Obtaining TRIP software

As of early 2017, TRIP software package consists of three packages:

To download the current release of TRIP software (including documentation) in gzipped tar form, use this link

TRIP requires a C/C++ compiler suite supporting C++11 features - gcc4.7 or later and icc13 or later will do, and use of compiler option -std=c++11 or equivalent. Parallelization requires a compatible MPI installation, though the package can be built without it. The build tool is SConstruct, which must also be installed and available. The reproducible documents generally require both Madagascar and Seismic Unix.

For detailed installation instructions, see the README file in the top level directory.


TRIP applications generally provide two types of documentation. Commands self-document after the fashion of SU and Madagascar. Also, packages generate html documentation for individual classes and functions, by means of the doxygen documentation system. To obtain the latter, you will need to install doxygen on your system, and follow directions in the package installation instructions.

Full documentation is also available by following the package links on this page.

--- WWS, January 2017